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Baseball Betting

Baseball is considered the national sport of the United States. That’s where the world learned about the existence of such games, which eventually spread across the planet. It is inferior in popularity on the European continent to football, hockey, tennis and other sports disciplines, but has fans everywhere.

Not an exception and betting – in particular, bets on baseball takes progressive bookmaker Esbet. For this purpose, the administration of the company offers favorable conditions – higher odds and a voluminous list of events. It is enough to register on the official website Esbet and make a first deposit to make bets on baseball, receiving a nice welcome bonus.

The first mention of baseball dates back to the mid-18th century, when the competitions began to be held in the United States. The first bets on baseball also began to be accepted by American bookmakers, whose experience was quickly picked up by European betting companies.

Types of bets

Before doing bets on baseball, you need to learn the rules. The first thing that distinguishes this discipline from many team sports is that there are no draws. If at the end of nine innings (baseball period) the scoreboard is tied, games will continue until one team takes the lead.

Esbet bookmaker office accepts baseball forecasts for the following events:

– the winner of the match;

– bet on the total and handicap (innings);

– guess the outcome of an individual inning;

– special bets (regular season winners and runners-up, place comparisons, etc.).

As with other sports, Esbet users can bet on baseball of different types. Whether you are looking for single bets, expresses or systems, each bettor decides on his own. Players are offered high limits, keepers of different bank sizes are always welcome here and there are no restrictions on actions.

Major tournaments

The leader in popularity in world baseball is Major League Baseball (MLB), in which American clubs participate. In the regular season (April through October), 30 teams are divided into Leagues (American and Central) and Divisions (East, Center, and West). The top 10 clubs (five from each league) advance to the playoffs, where the 4-5 ranked teams in their respective leagues compete first. The winners qualify for the playoffs, in which the series lasts until three victories in the first round (1/4 finals). The semifinals and finals are played until four games are won.

In addition to MLB, there are a number of prestigious baseball competitions, on which the bookmaker Esbet takes bets:

– Olympic Games;

– Japanese, Australian, Dutch leagues;

– A number of international competitions with the participation of club and national teams.

Until 2011, the World baseball championship was held. However, due to the tight competition schedule in the United States, it was decided to suspend the world championship because MLB clubs refused to release players in the middle of the season.

Making bets on baseball need to take into account that the teams spend the whole series at home and away stadiums. This is an important aspect that often affects the final results of games, because it levels out the difference between the favorites and outsiders. Also not considered characteristic in baseball smash victories – in most cases, the difference in the score is 1-2 points.

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