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Beach volleyball Betting

Many sports are splitted into groups, and beach volleyball is no exclusion. If the classic game of throwing the ball over the net in the gym is familiar to most people who are not even interested in sports, then beach volleyball is a novelty for many.

Americans are considered to be the originators of this kind of sports, included in the program of the Olympic Games. For the first time beach volleyball was mentioned in the middle of the XX century in California, when this type of entertainment on local beaches appealed to many vacationers. A few years later, the first teams were assembled, and the discipline began to spread instantly across the planet. Today, beach volleyball is organized on the sands of every continent of the globe, and the tone is set by male and female pairs from the United States and Brazil.

As soon as beach volleyball appeared at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, it immediately hit the list of interests of betting companies. It is still not in the category of the most popular sports among bettors, but Esbet bookmaker’s office has a lot of interesting options for bets on beach volleyball matches.

Types of bets

The line-up is not as varied as in classic volleyball, but if you carry out a competent analysis, experienced handlers will find favorable outcomes with high odds. You can make forecasts in beach volleyball for the following events:

– Bet on the outcome of the meeting or game. The task is made easier by the fact that the rules do not provide for a draw.

– Total points in a set or number of games in a match.

– A handicap by points in a set or games in a playing process.

– Exact score in sets (only four variants – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:2).

Before you start doing bets on beach volleyball, you need to know the basic rules. Each team has two players without the possibility to make a substitution – if one of the partners gets injured and can not continue the match, the pair is scored as a technical defeat.

You should win two sets in order to succeed in the match. The first two games are played until 21 points, with an even score of 20:20, the game is played to a two-point distinction. The third set is played by the same rules with the only difference that to win you need to score 15 points.

Otherwise, the rules are identical to indoor volleyball – three ball touches per attack, there are outs and rules for a player to touch the net on the block and when hitting, for which the opposing team receives a point.

Major tournaments

The most common tournaments in world beach volleyball are:

– World and continental contests.

– Major Series and Open tournaments.

– Olympic Games.

On the European continent, beach volleyball tourneys are held from April to November, and only on U.S. soil matches are played throughout the calendar year. Most of them invariably fall in the line of Esbet betting company, bets on which are available from any device connected to the Internet. To do so, it is enough to register quickly on the official website or mobile version of the company, fill out a profile, and make your first investment, for which the bookmaker Esbet is guaranteed to encourage each new client with a pleasant bonus.

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