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Boxing Betting

Bet on boxing is widely represented in a special section of the site Esbet. This kind of sports is part of the Summer Olympic Games, and has many fans in every country of the world.

Because of its popularity boxing is a leader in the category of martial arts disciplines and is highly rated among betting fans. The fights are broadcast on the leading sports channels, and there are specialized services online that publish the most important information about the upcoming fights and boxers.

Boxing itself is divided into two categories – amateur and professional. Amateur boxers compete at the Olympic Games and fight for continental titles, while the goal of each professional fighter is to win WBA, WBO, WBC and IBF belts.

Professional boxers are divided into 17 weight categories. The most prestigious is the Heavyweight category, in which fighters over 90.718 kg compete. It is the upcoming heavyweight fights that cause the most excitement among fans and bets fans on boxing.

Types of bets

The more prestigious the boxing match, the wider the line-up becomes. Esbet bookmaker offers to predict such possible events:

– The outcome of the fight. Bets to win in boxing are the most common. It makes no difference which way to win, the main thing is to recognize the winner as the boxer on whom the bettor has made a bet. A draw in boxing is a rare occurrence, but it can bring the most profit due to the high odds.

– An early victory. Bet will play if the selected athlete wins before the scheduled time. Quotes on such outcomes are much higher than bets on a win – therefore, they are more attractive.

The round in which the fight will be stopped. There are two options here:

  1. if we are talking about the victory of a particular boxer in a particular round, he is obliged to finish the fight exactly in this segment, otherwise, the bet will be a loser;
  2. bets on the victory of any boxer in a particular round – it does not matter here who is declared the triumphant, as long as this event happens in the right round.

– Victory on points. Not often boxing fights last all the rounds set by the regulations, especially when heavyweights enter the ring. In cases where it was not possible to determine the winner on their own, everything depends on the judges, who count the exact blows to the head area during the fight and announce the results after the final round.

It is worth bearing in mind that the rules of boxing fights can vary, depending on the organization. At the amateur level fights can last from 3 to 8 rounds, among professional boxers – from 6 to 12.

It is also advisable to study the tactics of both boxers and compare their recent results. At the same time, it is worth taking into account the style of previous opponents in order to understand how the participants of the upcoming bout confronted the fighters with a similar style of fighting.

Major tournaments

The most popular are heavyweight title fights, when IBF, WBA, WBC or WBO belts are on the line. Before these fights less titled athletes of different categories fight in the ring, “warming up” the audience before the main action of the boxing evening. Esbet bookmaker office accepts bets for all such fights, offering its clients favorable conditions – high odds and interesting coverage.

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