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Cricket Betting

Team games cricket originated in the UK long before the appearance of the king of the sports world of soccer – in the distant 16th century. After 100 years, this kind of sports was already considered a national sport in England, where even today it steadily occupies the second most popular place after soccer.

There have been several attempts to introduce cricket to the Summer Olympic Games, but this has not yet been done due to lack of interest in many countries in the world. Today, cricket is well-developed in the UK, India, the Republic of South Africa, the USA, Australia and some Asian countries.

Competitions are held in a different format, the rules of which are very confusing. At the moment there are three variants of the matches:

  1. The first level (test). Tournaments between the elite teams with up to ten teams. One meeting can last up to five days, there is a lot of tactical fighting, and a minimum of entertainment for the average spectator.

2) One-Day Tournament (ODI). Number of overs is limited – no more than 50, which allows you to complete the duel during the day.

  1. “T20” (“Twenty”). The most dynamic type of cricket with a limit on the bout time.

Making a bet on cricket at the Esbet bookmaker’s office, you need to carefully study the rules of the tournaments, know the rules and basic terminology:

– “Over” – a series when a team serves six times, after which the bowlers change.

– “Innings” – a one-point draw.

– “Pitch” – A rectangular pitch over which the batsman runs after hitting.

– “Wickets” – structures made of wood along the edges of a pitch, the destruction of which automatically eliminates batsmen from the game.

– “Run” – a successfully completed run through the pitch, for which the team is awarded one point.

Types of bets

Lineup for cricket is not as voluminous as for other sports disciplines, but it is not limited to bets on the main outcome of the match:

– total of wounds (at the end of a certain number of overs or in a match) – total and individual for teams);

– handicap on wounds;

– double odds (1X or X2) – accepted only in matches of the first level;

– on the eve of the meeting there is a toss to see who will come out first to pitch;

– winner of the 1st inning and others.

Experienced people in betting for bets on cricket use proven strategies that increase the chances of achieving a positive result in the distance. Esbet bookmaker does not forbid to play this way, if the strategy does not contradict the company’s charter.

Major tournaments

There are not as many competitions as in popular team sports. The following tournaments are considered the most popular in the world of cricket:

– World Championships, which are held similar to the world championship in soccer once every four years, and are broadcast by well-known sports channels;

– International matches ODI and “T20”.

To be effective in bet on cricket, you need to consider the location of the meeting. Often long journeys and lack of time for acclimatization affect the performance of even the favorite teams. Pay special attention to national team performance statistics at specific times of the season – many teams play differently in the spring and fall.

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