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CSGO Betting

Cybersports are gaining indisputable popularity all over the world. It’s a separate galaxy with its own rules, predictions, heroes, and restrictions. Probably, there is no cyber fan in the world that hasn’t heard about the Counter-Strike saga. It’s an extremely popular game in every corner of the world.

Esbet suggests a wonderful opportunity for bettors all over the world not only to receive wonderful emotions from the gaming process but to earn some profit as well! Surely, if you’re following a clear and simple betting strategy.

However, let’s have a short overview of what actually Counter-Strike is. The game is a world known as a PC online shooter that has its roots back in 2012. In a short period of time, it has won the hearts of players all over the world as it suggests the high number of options and opportunities. Team play is definitely one of these options. Gamers have a wonderful chance to play against each other in a variety of modes.

Types of bets

Let’s take a look at the bets at one of the most popular first-person shooters. The game contains about 30 rounds that make it extremely appealing for the bettors. So, here we go!

  1. Knife Round Winner

    Knife Round is what literally the game starts with. Also, it is known as the zero round as it suggests the wonderful opportunity for bettors to choose the team they want to join and play for. It’s a wonderful chance to implement certain tactics, tricks, and tips.

    Knife round for cybersports fans is an extremely cool chance to play against each other, have fun, and what’s more, make bets! Let’s take a look at the number two in our list.

  2. First And the Second Pistol Round WinnerAs mentioned previously, CS:GO is made of 30 rounds to play. Every 15 rounds have its own “half-time”. While having it, the team of players can switch their positions to the opposite ones (for instance, from counter-terrorists to the terrorists). On the other hand, this round requires a lot of attention as the odds are pretty high, but the chance of losing is high as well!
  3. Total Rounds Over\ UnderThese rounds are definitely built on your experience. They give you a chance to decide the result that the game will end up with. Will it be higher or lower? It can be an extremely profitable type of bet as the predictions are based on the qualification of the bettor and his previous experience, which explains its popularity and profitability among the cybersports betting gurus.
  4. First Kill

    The first kill is also a risky round as it takes a bunk of professionalism and previous experience. However, it doesn’t have a strong influence on the overall impact of the game.

  5. First To Five Rounds

    The main thing about this stage is what team gets to the first five-round first. Despite the mistaken easiness, it’s one of the hardest stages and the team that wins is the most obvious contender on getting to the first stages.

Major tournaments

When it comes to major tournaments, CS:GO developer Valve suggested the esports tournaments that are commonly known as the Majors. The first one was organized in Sweden with a pretty impressive for those times main prize 250k USD. However, over the past years, the size and level of the major tournaments have grown exponentially. For instance, the recent tournament has contained more than 24 teams with an overall prize of 2 million USD. Esbet will be your undeniable partner while making bets on CSGO!

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