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Fifa Betting

No one can underestimate the popularity of soccer. However, what about online soccer? The popularity of online soccer is overwhelming as well and the FIFA is the real proof of this. EA Sports has created a unique simulator with wide-ranging options and opportunities both for gamers and bettors (or for the two of them at the same time).

It’s a series of extremely successful video games developed by EA Sports and started their history back in 1993! The popularity of this franchise can be easily explained with the realistic atmosphere, design, and the effect of presence at the real football stadium with the thousands of fans screaming the name of their favorite team! Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

So does the gameplay and the tournaments, teams and world-known players in the world suggested by the game developers. The game has only become better with the flow of time and can be definitely considered as one of the most popular ones to wager. Stay with us to know more!

Types of bets

Esbet suggests a wonderful opportunity to make a bet on this wonderful game. However, it’s extremely important to get familiar with the existing betting aspects and bets before choosing the tactics and strategy. In this particular case, cybersport is pretty similar to the real one.

  • Real Money Betting

There is nothing extraordinary about this type of bet. The Player needs to invest his money into a gaming account. It can be available with desktop and mobile applications as well.

  • Match Bets

The name of the bet allows us to make suggestions about the context. Make your predictions about the outcome of a certain match. This type of bet can be extremely profitable when doing right and following a certain winning strategy.

  • Tournament Bets

The answer is also hidden in the name itself. Make your bets on a certain tournament. This type of bet is extremely popular among the young bettors as well.

  • Special bets

Let’s carefully review the special bets. Here we go!

  • Fantasy bets

Probably, you’ve heard about this. If not, our review is at your disposal. A Fantasy bet is limiting bettor only with his fantasy. It allows you to create your own team of favorite players. Use it against the other team compiled by the virtual engine or other cybersport enthusiasts.

  • Live bets

Live betting doesn’t need any introductions. Choose the right tactics and earn profits with FIFA.

Major tournaments

  • FUT Champions Verified

It’s the first level of competition among the registered users. It allows you to win 27 games within a weekend. Right after achieving this, you’ll have a chance to be ranked towards the Global Series Ranking. The higher you’re ranked, the more likely you are to receive invitations to further events.

  • FUT Champions Cups

There are six champions cups within one season. Only 32 players are competing for the prize pool of 200k USD with a 50k USD for the winner.

  • FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments

FIFA domestic league cooperates with 20 various professional leagues around the globe. This tournament allows you to represent your own league. Winners can qualify for the FIFA 20 Global Series playoffs.

  • FIFA eChampions League

Consists of three stages and opened only to PS4 verified players with a prize pool of 280k USD.

  • FIFA Majors – eNations Cup and eClub World Cup

Deservedly considered two of the biggest and the most popular tournaments with a prize pool of 100k USD.

  • FIFA eWorld Cup

The most profitable tournament with the 500k USD prize pool. Choose your tactics and make your bets with Esbet!

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