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Handball Betting

In the sports world handball belongs to the “second-tier” sports, inferior in popularity to soccer, basketball, hockey and tennis. Despite this factor, it has many fans around the world, including betting fans.

Birthplace of handball is considered to be Denmark. From there, in the early twentieth century, the game gradually began to spread across Europe, created the first leagues and held unofficial tournaments. During its existence the handball has repeatedly changed the rules and format of the competition. The main change concerned the number of players per team – until 1966, all international tournaments were held under the rules 11×11.

The essence of the game is to throw the ball by hand into the opponents’ goal. At the same time on a court of 40×20 meters the team has 6 field players and the goalkeeper. Matches are held in two halves of 30 minutes with a 15-minute break. On the attack given about 30-40 seconds – if during this time there is no shot on goal, the judges give the ball to the other team. A player has three seconds to possess the ball and is allowed to take no more than three steps without hitting the ball on the floor. It is forbidden to enter the 6-meter zone with the ball – only the goalkeeper can be there. For the fifth and each subsequent team foul in a half the referees give a handball penalty in the form of a throw from the seven metre mark. For gross violations the player is removed from the court for 2 minutes.

World Championships are held since 1938 among men, in 1957 they were joined by women. Handball has been included in the Olympic Games since 1972. The tournament is organized by the International Handball Federation (IHF), which includes 197 national federations from all over the world. The modern world handball fashion is dictated by teams from Scandinavian countries, Hungarians, Spaniards, French and Brazilians.

Types of bets

Esbet bookmaker’s office accepts bets on many handball events. The more prestigious the tournament, the more variants of outcomes with decent odds both in pre-match and live mode:

– The outcome of the match or half-time (victory of one of the teams or a draw);

– betting on forwards and totals (several values);

– Combination betting variants (for example, P1+TB, etc.);

– individual performances of leading players;

– Team statistics (goals, shots, rule violations);

– exact score difference;

– halftime results.

Since handball is played indoors, there is no influence of weather conditions. For success in bets on handball events you need to study the statistics and results of previous matches, follow the news from the team staffs, take into account the opinion of experts. The more information, the higher the chances of choosing the most probable outcome of the encounter, which will bring bets winnings.

Major tournaments

Since handball is not a seasonal sport, competitions are held almost all year round. The most prestigious are:

– World championships among men’s and women’s teams (every two years);

– Continental Championships;

– Champions League among the club teams;

– Olympic Games;

– National championships in Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and other European countries.

During the summer off-season there are a lot of friendly matches on which also accepts bet Esbet bookmaker. The company does everything possible so that gambling fans handball, no time to get bored, offering the most favorable conditions.

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