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LoL Betting

LoL (League of Legends) has won the hearts of fans all over the world since it’s been released. The developers of the game were inspired by the Warcraft saga and decided to implement the best features of the game in League of Legends. Fortunately, they have done it well. The entertaining plot, exciting gameplay, and millions of satisfied gamers are indisputable proof.

The game has a few playing modes (actually, three), where two-team players (with five players in each) play against each other. The main aim is to demolish the Nexus, a defense point. Gamers have the ability to change the appropriate hero (champion) with a list of unique abilities, strengths, and characteristics.

Moreover, they have the ability to open up the new characteristics with every round that typically lasts up from twenty to sixty minutes. Also, players can earn “gold and experience” while playing their champion and grow within the game. Esbet suggests a wonderful opportunity to make your bets while enjoying the game!

Types of bets

To be successful while making bets on LoL it’s extremely important to get familiar with all existing types of bets. Let’s carefully review them.

LoL match winner bet

This type of bet looks extremely simple. It seems that all you need is to predict the outcome of the battle between two teams of players. Is it right? Well, partially. In order to earn success in this type of betting strategy, it’s crucial to get acquainted with the history of the play, current status, predictions, and other nuances of a certain game.

LoL correct score bet

It’s an advanced version of the previous bet. You can put your bet on the results of the given matches. Wide-ranging aspects also play a huge role in this type of bet. It describes your ability to read the history of a certain team, make a careful analysis, and make your predictions.

LoL handicap bet

This bet can be considered a pretty simple yet efficient betting strategy.

LoL first blood bet

It’s your chance to make predictions of what team is going to kill a certain game character or conquer the enemies’ objects like tower or dragon. The careful strategy here is also a key to winning. For instance, the team that shows a high level of activity here in the first rounds is more likely to make the first kill.

LoL Player Bet

This bet is efficient when it comes to making odds on certain game characters. You can decide who’s gonna make more kills and earn more points during the game or certain rounds.

LoL Tournament Winner

The name of the bet speaks for itself. You can make bets on the team that is supposed to win. Surely, it’s not an easy task to deal with. You must analyze the statistics of the game and make your predictions based on that.

Major tournaments

LoL suggests wide-ranging major tournaments that can be played globally. Let’s take a look at them. Riot Games (which is actually a developer of the game) is the number one in organizing these tournaments with pretty impressive prize pools. These are:

  • Championship Series;
  • World Championships.

The prize pool of LoL Worlds reaches the point of 1mil USD which ensures us in the global popularity of cybersports. However, the other games aren’t less generous and efficient. Esbet gives you a wonderful opportunity to make the most out of LoL, predict the winners, and make generous bets while enjoying the gameplay!

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