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MMA Betting

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts.) has been officially practiced since the mid-1990s. The ancestors are considered to be the Americans, who replaced this discipline of fighting without rules. In a short period of time this sport has made tangible progress and spread far beyond the United States.

A boost in the development of mixed martial arts took place with the creation of the UFC, Bellator and Pride. Every year, the number of athletes, wishing to take part in such fights, increases. Famous boxers, kickboxers and fighters of other disciplines move here, fighting each other in front of an audience of thousands of people.

MMA organizers regularly tighten the rules of the fights to minimize the risks of injury. At the moment, there are dozens of cases when injuries received by athletes in the ring were incomparable with their lives. Despite the extreme danger, young boys and girls are eager to fight in MMA, attracted by the attractive fees.

Today, mixed martial arts fights are broadcast on the central television channels of the United States and other countries, which is yet another proof of the growing popularity of MMA. Because of the principle of fighting, which contradicts many ethical considerations, these competitions are not included in the Olympic Games. Despite this, MMA continues to grow and increase the number of fans.

With the development of this direction in sports more and more interested in fights betting companies. Today, betting is hard to imagine without bets on MMA, and Esbet bookmaker is no exception.

Types of bets

Adopting the experience of the world’s experienced bookmakers, the official Esbet website offers a wide line on MMA fights of different categories. Each event is accompanied by a varied list, which allows bettors to find profitable options for profitable bets.

Outcome for betting on MMA at Esbet:

– Fight Outcome. In MMA fights there are three possible outcomes – the victory of the first or the second fighter, or – a draw, which is very rare. Bet on the winner of the fight are the most popular among privateers.

– Total rounds. Here it is important to understand the regulations: for rating fights for points there are three 5-minute rounds, for title fights there are 5 rounds. When betting on the total in MMA, this criterion is one of the main ones.

– Early termination of a match. Given the contact toughness of this type of sports, fights don’t often last all the rounds allotted by the rules. To win bet it does not matter by what method the fighter wins – whether it is a hard knockout or disqualification of the opponent.

– In what exact round the fight will be stopped. It is enough to guess the round in which one of the participants will be proclaimed the winner. It makes no difference who wins the fight.

– The method of victory. Knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or on points – you have to guess how the fight will end in favor of the chosen fighter.

Major tournaments

There are no tournaments in MMA – each fight has expensive ranking points at stake, which allow the best athletes to fight for championship titles in the future. It is the title fights that attract the most interest from the public, including bettors, for whom the Esbet bookmaker always offers an extended betting table with high odds of any selected outcome.

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