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Motor sports Betting

In the section “Motor sports” there are competitions in the leading racing series, which are followed by millions of fans of high speed around the world. Every year the number of fans of motorcycle and car racing increases – a similar trend can be seen in betting.

Motorsport competitions fascinate with intrigue and unpredictability. The bookmaker office Esbet, which accepts bets on the most popular disciplines, will help to increase interest in watching the races. To make bet on motor sports and receive bonuses, you need to register in any convenient way on the official website of Esbet, or use the mobile version or application for Android and iOS.

Types of bets

In most disciplines of motor sports you can make bets of these types:

– winner of qualifying races;

– predictions on the winner and medalists of the race;

– the range of driver places in the final classification;

– who will make the fastest lap;

– who is higher (comparison of places between two drivers);

– which team’s representative will win the race;

– safety car on the track (yes or no) and other outcomes.

Long-term bet on motor sports are also accepted, and you can make them both before the season and after each stage. If the bettor followed the pre-season preparation and test races, and is confident in the success of a particular rider at the end of the season – this is a great opportunity to play solid odds. With each successful stage, the quotes on the favorite of the caper will decrease.

Bet on motor sports will be successful if you regularly follow the news and races. Not redundant would be to study the statistics of the performance on a particular track in previous years – each athlete has a favorite racetrack, which achieves the best results. Before making bets on motor sports, it is advisable to know the weather forecast – often rain during the races makes adjustments, levelling the advantage of favorites, and leads to mistakes of the pilots when passing the distance.

It is equally important to understand the relationship between the “first” and “second” number of the team. This aspect is important in the context of the struggle of the leader in the individual competition, and for the team battle in the constructors’ cup. In most teams, there are certain tactical schemes where one of the riders is obliged to hold back his rivals on the track, allowing his partner to increase the gap. Often this criterion plays a major role in the scoring of the leading drivers.

Major tournaments

The undisputed leader in popularity is the class of royal car racing – Formula 1. Stages are broadcast in many countries of different continents and gather full houses in the grandstands of the racetracks, regardless of the venue or the presence of drivers from their compatriots.

In addition to Formula 1, the website of Esbet accepts bets on other series in motor sports:

– Moto Grand Prix;

– Rally races of different classes;

– Paris-Dakar multiday race;

– “junior” series of Formula.

Unlike the classic sports games, motor sports does not have national championships and cups for one race. The calendar for each series includes numerous stages, held in different countries around the world. Typically, races are held on weekends, which allows you to analyze the events throughout the week and find profitable options for bets.

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