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Pubg Betting

Pubg has turned out to be one of the most popular games in the industry. Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is the full name of this gaming item. The game has quite quickly earned the attention and love of gamers around the world. The overall number of gamers is pretty impressive and includes more than half of the million which is great. This fact definitely explains the popularity of cybersports around the globe. Know more about the pubg with Esbet!

The game thrills its fans with an attractive design, exciting gameplay, and a lot of features. The game is widely known as one of the best-selling ones with twenty-four million copies sold around the globe. PUBG was released in 2017 and has earned popularity in a matter of hours. The main feature that stands in the center of its phenomena is the plot that keeps players engaged. The main hero is the lone survivor continuing to fight for his living.

Types of bets

Let’s take a look at the opportunities for bettors while playing pubg.


You can make your bet on the team to win major tournaments in outright selections. You can carefully analyze the previous statistics of a certain team before announcing your predictions. Make a choice who’s going to be a winner or a loser with Esbet!

Match Winner Bets

If you’re full of straight confidence about the result of a certain outcome or a sincere fan of a certain team, choose the right strategy for match-winner bets. Another name of this bet is “map winner” betting.

First Blood Betting

The context is pretty obvious. Make your bet on what team is going to claim the first kill at pubg. This type of bet suggests nothing but excitement!

Most Kills

Who is supposed to make the most kills in the game? Find the answer to this question with Esbet!

PUBG Streamers Betting

Take your chance to make bets at your beloved pubg streamers and earn profit. It’s a perfect chance to mix the watch and win strategy!

Bet on PUBG items

Make your bets on the winning skills and win the daily tournaments and matches.


Use your chance to win some physical goods like wireless headphones or a set of certain skills and features. There are plenty of chances to get qualified for this stage, from proof on social media to the win of matches.

Roulette Betting

Some sites like Esbet suggests an opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune within the PUBG. With this bet, you can earn and win points that allow you to buy some skills in the game.

Jackpot Betting

A pretty attractive way to win the most of the coins to spend within the game. Just choose the participant and win more items!

Here are some betting tips from Esbet.

Follow the Professionals

Take a constant look and focus on the winners and their strategy. Watch their streams and listen attentively to their tips and opinions.

Follow the Results

Check the strategies of the winning teams and try to apply them.

Major tournaments

Pubg suggests a wide variety of tournaments with generous prizes

Pubg Global Invitational

It has 32 international teams of experienced players going to fight each other virtually for the $3,5mil prize pool. Sounds impressive, right? Considering the pandemic situation and the number of international teams, all the safety measures will be there to take place.

PUBG Continental Series

16 teams are competing against each other within this online tournament for the prize pool of 200,000 USD.

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