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Rugby Betting

Britain is the “inventor” of many sports, and rugby is one of them. This discipline does not belong to the list of the most popular in the world, except for British countries (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland), Australia and South Africa, where rugby competes on an equal footing with soccer.

The first rugby competitions date back to 1823. At that time people did not even know about soccer, as rugby matches have become part of everyday life in Britain. The number of clubs increased dramatically, special grounds were built.

In the XIX century rugby spreads to other countries having close contact with Britain – Australia, New Zealand, France and South Africa. A little later rugby appears in most of the European continent and in Asia, after which the first international leagues and tournaments were created.

Until 1995 the International Rugby Board abolished restrictions on the salaries of players, which gave it a professional status. At the same time world championships became more spectacular and competitive, and competitions became of interest to leading sports TV channels, including international Eurosport.

In betting rugby is also far from new – British bookmakers have long accepted bets in different variants. Closer to the end of the XX century rugby appeared in the lines of many European and American BK. Today bet on rugby can be done online on the Esbet website, where favorable conditions are created for predictors.

Types of bets

Before moving on to the types of bets on rugby, privateers should know that there are different variations of the game:

– Rugby-7 is a “Scottish” variation with seven athletes on the team, which has been adopted into the Olympic Games.

– Rugby-13 is “rugbyballing,” invented by British miners, but has not yet received official status.

– Rugby-15 is the most common type of rugby program. Teams consist of 15 men of powerful build.

Each kind of rugby is slightly different from each other. Basically, the difference is in the number of players on the field and the size of the court. Bets BK Esbet accepts these types:

– The outcome of a match. Victory for one of the teams or a draw, which in rugby is fixed with about the same frequency as in basketball.

– Handicap. Betting on a favorite to win against a clear underdog will not bring much money to the bettor. To increase the size of the profit, you can play a handicap in the score, or by betting on the plus handicap, to support a weak team.

– Total. One of the most dangerous and unpredictable markets in rugby bets. Much depends on the quality of the lawn and weather conditions during the match. It is possible to predict the total number of points earned or individually by each team.

– Double chance. 1X or X2 are offered only in case of a meeting of approximately equal in class opponents.

Major tournaments

There are many interesting rugby tournaments in the world. Particular attention is paid to international competitions with the participation of top teams and several national leagues:

– World Cup (once per quadrennium);

– Six Nations Cup (the strongest European teams take part without changing the composition – England, Wales, Italy, France, Ireland and Scotland);

– Rugby Championship, a tournament featuring the four best teams in the Southern Hemisphere – New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina);

– European Club Champions Cup;

– English club championship.

Bet on rugby is a great way to spend your free time watching an interesting spectacle. If the privateer understands the nuances of games and can competently analyze the events, the probability of winning bets increases at times.

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