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Table tennis Betting

Table tennis is a kind of sports that is usually held indoors and is incorporated in the Summer Olympic Games. There is no influence of climatic factors – it depends on the players’ reaction and skill with a small racket and a ball to be thrown over the net dividing the table into two halves. Today many bettors are interested in bets on table tennis and the Esbet bookmaker is a great place for ping pong fans with a wide range of event choices.

The table is 2.74 m long, 1.52 m wide and 76 centimeters high from the floor is used for games. Athletes use wooden racquets, covered on both sides with a layer of special rubber elements. The main playing tool is a white or orange ball with a diameter of 4 cm and weighing 2.7 grams, which is made of celluloid.

The rules of the official competition in table tennis provides for the participation in the game of two (singles) or four (pairs) athletes. Parties last until the winning of 11 points, at the score of 10-10 game continues until the difference of two points. To win a match you must beat in three sets.

Types of bets

You can bet in table tennis matches on different outcomes. In terms of the number of proposals, the spread is sometimes not inferior to the events of lawn tennis, and includes such options:

 -the winner of the match or set;

– total and handicap (match or game);

– who will be the first to score a certain number of points;

– whether the 5th set will be played.

On the eve of major tournaments, the privateer can predict the winners and medalists, or compare the participants, who will move up in the tournament grid and take a higher place in the final classification. Interest in special bets is fueled by high odds, which attracts betting fans from different countries.

Major tournaments

The Esbet betting company has a more diverse section with events for bet on table tennis than other betting companies’ websites. Despite the lack of a large number of tournaments compared to classic tennis, Esbet’s line always offers ping pong fans something to bet on.

Some of the most renowned table tennis tourneys are:

– Olympics – held once every four years.

– World Championships for men and women – held every single year until 1957, after that – once every two years. Prizes are awarded in singles, doubles, mixed and team events.

– The World Cup is an annual competition with the participation of the strongest 20 athletes of each continent. Like the World Championships, medals are awarded in four categories.

– ITTF Pro Tour series – only the strongest players in the men’s and women’s rankings participate in the events. The most profitable tournaments for tennis players, where in addition to favorable financial conditions, participants earn ranking points.

The leaders of the world table tennis are representatives of the Asian continent. Chinese athletes stand out, often completely occupying the podium of international competitions, in which they take part. Japanese, Hong Kong and Korean players are also strong in table tennis, and players from Sweden, Germany and Great Britain try to compete with Asians from Europe. During the matches between powerful sportsmen bets on table tennis become even more beneficial because the margin is reduced to a minimum.

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