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UFC Betting

Mixed martial arts is a sports discipline that is steadily gaining popularity around the world. The fights of famous past and present fighters gather full houses in the biggest stadiums of the planet and such events cannot be ignored by the leading bookmakers, the list of which includes Esbet betting company.

For betting, UFC fights are a relatively young discipline. At the beginning of the 21st century these events took place only in overseas bookmakers’ betting lines, from where they spread to other continents. Popularized bet on the UFC in Europe was due to the spread of mixed martial arts, which contributed to the emergence of broadcasts on television and the Internet. Today you can find many specialized sites on the Internet that fully cover the UFC events, keep statistics, publish news and announcements of upcoming fights, which was not the case before.

Types of bets

At Esbet bookmaker’s office UFC fights are widely covered. On the site you can predict the following events:

– the outcome of the confrontation;

– double outcome (victory of one of the athletes or a draw);

– an early victory of one of the participants;

– total rounds;

– the victory of the fighter in a particular round.

A draw is a very rare occurrence, but it is the outcome that can bring big winnings in UFC bets. Usually, the odds for such an outcome of the fight is not lower than 40, and many bettors are trying to gamble on that.

Also on the status battles in the line Esbet privateer invited to make a bet, which way will be obtained victory. There are five:

  1. Knockout.
  2. technical knockout.
  3. a painful or choking hold.
  4. Disqualification of opponent for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  5. Decision by referee.

Most UFC fights end with an early victory of one of the fighters. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of the two fighters in advance, you can find the most likely outcome with an increased chance of winning money. When analyzing, it is advisable to pay attention to the following indicators:

– position in the current ranking;

– The age of the fighters and the list of achievements;

– anthropometry;

– To compare the results in fights against opponents with an identical fighting style;

– To find out the opinion of experts on thematic resources.

Major tournaments

The most prestigious tournaments are those organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Particularly notable are Fight Nights and The Ultimate Fighter, which are held in eight categories for men and four for women. The interest to such competitions is fueled by the fees, prescribed to the participants of the contracts, which can be envied by the leading athletes of more popular sports.

Also, bets are taken on other games under the UFC aegis, which are held regularly:

– rankings;

– title fights;

– As part of commercial tournaments.

Betting on UFC is the direction that is progressing more than others in betting today. Esbet is one of the top bookmakers by the number of offers and the size of quotes on fights, which is noted by experienced gamblers in reviews on third-party sports services.

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